Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) Adopts Motion for an Integrated Transport Plan for Melbourne

At the meeting on Wednesday 4th July, the Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) adopted a motion calling on the government to develop a  “revised metropolitan transport plan that prioritises networks of public transport (and) walking and cycling infrastructure across Melbourne to reduce dependence on car travel.

In summary this motion also emphasises the need for a commitment to transport infrastructure in growth areas (including Public Transport), current and future freight needs,  outer suburban intermodal freight terminals (to facilitate the movement of freight to rail) and major road projects with project estimates and timing to be based on the needs of growing population.

The meeting also noted the need for the Integrated Transport Act to include a “Transport Plan for Melbourne and Victoria”.

The MTF “believes the State Government should take action to boost public transport and cycling opportunities right across Melbourne, giving more people alternatives to car travel, and freeing up road space for those who do have to drive”.

As the MTF represents “22 local councils, with 2.5 million residents” this motion is an important and significant development.  The MTF now represents a powerful voice in public transport advocacy.

Well done Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF)!

And special thanks to City of Yarra Councillors and all local Councilors across the greater Melbourne municipalities who have and continue to advocate for an effective, integrated public transport system.

For further information on the MTF,  to read the minutes and the motion go to: