No, Mr. Abbott almost nothing signifies progress more than new efficient, effective and integrated Public Transport Networks!

It comes as no surprise that Mr Abbott and Mr Baillieu have got it wrong yet again – the community wants public transport not roads Mr Abbott!

It is time to listen honestly and openly to your constituents and not the vested interests offering to fund your election campaign in return for favours.

It is time to say no to the road and freight lobby road – the community knows and you know that rail is a viable, cleaner and less costly alternative.

Roads and road tunnels represent more congestion, pollution, noise, visual contamination and divide and displace our communities.

Ignorance not progress is signified by more new roads Mr Abbott!

From: Tony Abbott pledges to rev up east-west link    

Phillip Hudson From: 
Herald Sun June 30, 2012 12:00AM

TONY Abbott will today (Saturday, 30 June 2012) promise to spend $1.5 billion to kick-start the East West Link tunnel if he becomes prime minister.  Mr.  Abbott’s pledge gives the green light to Victoria’s most significant road project… The announcement gives him the jump on the Gillard Government which was expected to announce funding later this year.  In an effort to boost his stocks in Victoria, Mr.  Abbott has promised federal money for the 18km link.

“I’m proud that an elected Coalition government in Canberra will help Ted Baillieu deliver a vital road project that will speed up the trip to and from work, that boosts productivity and means more time at home with family,” Mr.  Abbott told the Herald Sun…

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