PM scorns Abbott’s tunnel vision – but does not reject an East West Toll Road/Tunnel Link for Melbourne!

The Proposed East - West Link

And, so begins the election campaign — for us it represents eighteen months of opportunity to advocate for the Doncaster Rail.

Julia Gillard and Labor may have poured cold water on Abbott’s tunnel vision but they have not rejected an East West Toll Road/Tunnel Link for Melbourne.

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Extract; Peter Munro, The Age July 1, 2012

JULIA Gillard has accused Tony Abbott of making ”empty promises” over a multibillion-dollar pledge to tackle traffic congestion, including $1.5 billion funding for Melbourne’s proposed east-west link.

Mr Abbott yesterday promised to kick-start funding of the new road linking the Eastern Freeway to CityLink within a year of becoming prime minister, as part of a $4-billion plan for major Motorway projects in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has accused Tony Abbott of making ’empty promises’…  But Prime Minister Gillard scoffed at the Coalition plan, saying Mr Abbott had failed to explain where the money would come from or how the Victorian government would provide additional funding for the east-west link.

”You can’t build a $5 billion project with $1.5 billion.  People can’t drive on an empty promise.  They can only drive on a fully funded, fully costed road,” she said…

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