Photos from todays CTAG Rally at Flinders Street Station

Here’s a flickr slide show of today’s Community Rally for Sustainable Public Transport at Flinders Street Station. Further reports and photos soon. Thank you to all who organised and attended today’s event!

Sky News: Protestors rally against tunnel, pipe
Demonstrators have stepped up their opposition to the Victorian government’s controversial water and public transport policies in three separate protests across the state. In central Melbourne, a noisy crowd warned the Brumby government that it would suffer the consequences at the next election if it did not abandon the $18 billion Eddington transport blueprint, announced earlier this year. At the centre of the plan is a proposed cross city tunnel which would run from Clifton Hill to Footscray.

Some protesters said the tunnel would force them to lose their homes or would affect their families’ health, while others said the government should invest money in public transport instead of freeways. Victorian Health Minister Daniel Andrews defended the proposal, saying the government was focused on ‘bringing down a balanced transport plan’. Details of the plan are yet to be released.

The rally coincided with a demonstration by scooter drivers calling for designated scooter lanes.

In the state’s north-east, 1000 locals staged a protest against the north-south water pipeline.

The government says the pipeline is essential to secure the state’s water supplies, but protesters argued there were other solutions the government should look into.

3 thoughts on “Photos from todays CTAG Rally at Flinders Street Station”

  1. Donna Lancaster says:

    Great effort on the rally. So good to see people from right across Melbourne being involved. I hope that you do not lose your houses, gardens, parks, sporting teams and grounds and your communities. keep up the good fight

  2. keith fitzgerald says:

    Well done to all concerned, our campaign is growing by the day.

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