Say Yes to funding Public Transport but No to East West Tunnel & Toll Road Link

On Tuesday, 24 February 2012 “a deputation” of Protectors of Public Lands, Victoria (PPL) members was to have gone to Canberra to meet Infrastructure Minister Albanese’s staff members.

The purpose was to argue the case against Federal funding of the East West Tunnel and Toll Road Link and, alternatively, to argue a case for increased funding for public transport.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel as both Minister and staff were occupied in the political turmoil of the challenge to the leader.

We hope to travel to Canberra soon and have input over these important issues.

Many thanks to all 16-community organisations who expressed support for our mission to Canberra and likewise to those individuals who supported us including many from Kensington.

We will keep you posted with what is happening and remember it is not to late for community groups to join this protest!

To be part of this submission please email your support to:

 Julianne Bell, Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.