Royal Park Protection Group – Meeting with Minister Albanese’s Chief Adviser for Roads

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Ycat is supporting the Royal Park Protection Group Inc. who on Tuesday, 28 March 2012 will represent Ycat and member groups, individuals and the community at a meeting with Minister Albanese’s Chief Adviser for Roads.  Julianne Bell and a PPL VIC colleague are traveling to Canberra to do this.

They will present a case “against funding the East West Link and advocate for improved funding for public transport projects including the Doncaster Rail Link”.

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One thought on “Royal Park Protection Group – Meeting with Minister Albanese’s Chief Adviser for Roads”

  1. Margaret Jungwirth says:

    Money must instead be spent on improving and increasing public transport, especially as we continue to be inundated with high-rise developments and corresponding huge increases in population.
    Much of this area’s population increase is students non-drivers in need of public transport. Stop wasting money on reviews.
    Desperate need is for public transport. A huge thanks to citizens, like Julianne Bell, who work tirelessly to inform the councils and governments on what the public really want.
    Listen up Mr Albanese.
    Margaret Jungwirth

    West Parkville – the tunnel/open cut would senselessly tear up Royal Park, MY /all Melbournians back yard – the air we breathe relies on it and other parks and open spaces.

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