Take the Quiz

quiz_After reading this article: First major Melbourne rail line in 80 years still six months off from Clay Lucas, The Age,  October 9 2014  try to answer the following quiz.

The new rail line has been built and is ready to open but the government won’t open it because:

a) It was not the Liberal’s idea so they can’t take credit for it.

b) It is under budget so they can’t blame the other side for cost overruns.

c) They are afraid that any teething problems could embarrass the government.

d) It demonstrates Federal Finance for rail infrastructure is an establised part of the knitting for Melbourne’s western suburbs, which makes Tony Abbott’s ‘no-rail’ policy look silly.

e) It makes the Naphthine governmnet look silly because the East West link is an expensive fiasco that ended in court, meanwhile they have quietly delivered a major rail infrastructure.

f) All of the above.