The Real East West Link Community update: November 2013

Screenshot - Real East West Link Community Update November 2013

YCAT recently received this comprehensive, yet thoughtful, community update pertaining to the proposed East West Link.  Hope you enjoy reading this half as much as we did.

The Real East West Link Community Update – November 2013 (PDF, 2.4M)

Since the release of the slick, but detail-bereft animation showing the destruction of homes, parkland, businesses and Melbourne’s livability, we, Linking Melbourne Authority, seem to have been busy ignoring communities and dodging questions.

So far think we’re doing pretty well, but there’s a pesky group of protesters who have continued to out-smart, out-number and out-chant the scores of police we sent to protect corporate interests over those of the citizens. We even built a cage so that workers could drill in unsafe environments surrounded by police, but eventually we had to abandon our geo-technical test drilling. We have tried everything we can to cajole, intimidate and physically push around these upstanding citizens, but they seem pretty determined to stop this tunnel and demand investment in public transport for all Victorians.

One thought on “The Real East West Link Community update: November 2013”

  1. robert dunn says:

    The East Link Authority certainly have a way with words. Here is some more spin from them. I just wonder how the baseball club at Ross Straw Field will continue to play games under the proposed huge elevated freeway entry/exit ramps.

    ” I appreciate your comments and concerns regarding Royal Park, and I would like to assure you that we will be putting significant effort into minimising any impact on the park and other important community spaces. The reason the East West Link is proposed to be made up of mostly tunnel is to protect the land above. While we can’t avoid impacts all together, we will ensure that any disruption to Royal Park would primarily be short-term, and parkland areas impacted by construction would largely be restored. We are already working with local councils, park users and sporting clubs to understand their needs, and to look at options such as relocation for sporting clubs if required. “

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