Tooting for Trains!

Here’s lots of motorists TOOTING FOR TRAINS at this mornings (9th August 2013) Trains Not Toll Roads Campaign peaceful people power protests at Alexandra Parade and Hoddle Street, Collingwood.

2 thoughts on “Tooting for Trains!”

  1. Jim says:

    Well done! The message that trains will help not only train users but those who must drive by getting thousands of cars off the road is getting out there. Tell everyone you know. It should be the priority ahead of refurbishing Flinders St Station.

  2. Jim says:

    Now Vic Roads is pushing to widen Hoddle St. And this after they’ve been telling us that the you beaut $8 billion dollar toll way was going to solve Hoddle St’s traffic problems! LIARS!!! It’s really for the trucks to get to the Eastern Fwy, the motorists are only there to pay for it.

    We know what the real solution to the Hoddle St and Alexandra Pde traffic jams are: A RAILWAY FROM DONCASTER TO THE CITY!

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