Tunnel Vision by our elected representatives?

Yarra Campaign Against the Tunnel - Rally at Smiths Reserve

Richard Wynne (on left, in black beanie) attends YCATs public rally on July 27 at Smiths Reserve

In addition to this Age article (see below) that discusses community groups being excluded from government consultation regarding the EWLNA, there is a Brunswick and Richmond Transport Forum planned for this Friday 29/8 by Richard Wynne and Carlo Carli.

As this point YCAT and at least two other community groups who made submissions to the EWNLA have not received invitations to these ‘community forums’ as announced here on the Premiers website on Friday, 25 July.

If your individual submission or groups submission is listed amongst the 2138 submissions received by DOT, is related to the Yarra and Moreland area and you have not received an invitation, contact Richard Wynne and Carlo Carli and politely enquire to why you were not invited and to clarify this important issue. Otherwise these ‘public consultations’ are not representative of community concerns.

In the interests of transparency and inclusiveness, here are the details to the Brunswick and Richmond.

Brunswick & Richmond Transport Forum

This Friday 29th August 10:30 – 1:00 pm, Fitzroy High School, Falconer Street, North Fitzroy. Your feedback will be considered at the Transport Summit hosted by the premier in September. To register your attendance email: sally.johnston@parliament.vic.gov.au or call 9415 8901.

Update: Chris Goodman was invited as the President of 3068 Group, and is also a YCAT member, will be attending this meeting.

The Age: Tunnel critics shunned by Pike transport forum (27th August, 2008)

Critics of a $9 billion road tunnel plan have been barred from a Government forum this afternoon to discuss transport plans for Melbourne.

The move has led to fresh claims the State Government is attempting to marginalise groups that do not agree with its plans. Opponents of the proposed 18-kilometre tollway, which would run from Footscray to Clifton Hill, have been told they cannot attend today’s forum, being staged by the Education Minister and MP for Melbourne, Bronwyn Pike.

The transport forum, at Ms Pike’s North Melbourne electorate office, is one in a series being staged by Government MPs. Premier John Brumby last week said the forums were proof his Government was listening to the public’s views on transport, ahead of a Government transport strategy to be unveiled in November.

Three community groups that oppose the toll-road plan, asked this week to attend Ms Pike’s forum, but were denied invitations, although the Royal Park Protection Group was later included after complaining to the Department of Transport.

Brian Walters, SC, who lives in the eastern suburbs, is from the group, Protectors of Public Lands. He was told the forum was “an invitation-only session to local residents’ associations”.

Mr Walters, a former president of Liberty Victoria, said the Government could not control a guest list and then claim to have consulted the community. Ascot Vale group the Mount Alexander Road Campaign Committee was also excluded.

Ms Pike said she had invited a cross-section of the community to the forum.

2 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision by our elected representatives?”

  1. chrisg says:

    The invitation also mentions a transport summit in September hosted by the Premier.

  2. collingwood resident says:

    As long as the Government has some type of consultation with YCAT that is ok. YCAT and other action groups cannot be a part of every consultation.

    There are some very vocal action groups that quite frankly, don’t have that much membership. It is about time that the Government actually starts listening to residents’ opinions rather than having their ears blocked by ‘action groups’ screaming chants and blocking our letter boxes with useless flyers.

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