View of Flyover from Darling Gardens

View of overpass from Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill

Click on image to enlarge. View of overpass from Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill

The cheap flyover to be inflicted on Clifton Hill will be visible from all over Clifton Hill Collingwood and Abbotsford, reminding people where the noise and pollution is coming from.

The cheap Hoddle St flyover is a cost saving measure snuck in to allow the business case to look less lame than it is by increasing the local impacts on the community.

The white sloping finger and fake suspension cables are purely decorative, and not structural. The road builders wanted their own monument to compete with the beautiful red and yellow brick Shot Tower – the tallest in Australia.

Even without this decoration the flyover will be visible in Darling Gardens and particularly east Clifton Hill. Its main purpose is be to allow Hoddle Street north of Alexandra Parade to be expanded into another freeway.

The local community is adamant this will not be built.