The Battle for Alexandra Parade

2014 -2015 Community Victory

East West Link defeat: Anthony Main explains how it was done

Book launch: “Beating the Big End of Town” “How a community defeated the East west Link”

Book launch: How the East West Link was defeated

22 May 2015: At the book launch of “Beating the big end of town”, author Anthony Main recounts how community pickets and various other protest activities contributed to the defeat of the East-West link toll road project.

East West Link defeat: How it was done

Anti-East West Link advocates gathered to celebrate the defeat of the proposed toll road tunnel project. Hear how it was done. Includes Adam Bandt, Tony Murphy, Anthony Main.

‘Western Distributor’ Next Target After East West Link Defeat

After the defeat of the East West link, public transport advocates are considering opposing a new road project for Melbourne, the ‘Western Distributer’.

9 thoughts on “The Battle for Alexandra Parade”

  1. Cory says:

    Such a *modern*, progressive-thinking solution this tunnel is eh?

  2. Susanna says:

    By golly I remember this campaign well.

    A couple of incidents stand out as amusing (if any part of this could possibly be called amusing)

    1. The police spokesmen on the news condemned the ‘rubbish’ ‘health hazard’ of the barricade we had erected. Meanwhile, outside of their caravan were piles and piles of used tea-bags and boxes of kentucky fried chicken

    2. The first car to come down the new freeway (with a police escort) was a Mercedes. Driven by Bob Jane.

    I can laugh now

  3. David Collins says:

    We should also remember the battle in the early 1990s to stop the widening of Alexandra Pde. The Coalition Against Freeway Extensions (CAFE) fought this “upgrade” knowing that the resulting increased traffic volumes would inevitably bring us to the current situation. Many 1977 protesters were involved in the 1994 campaign.

  4. admin says:

    These pages have been updated to now include Citizens Against the Freeway Action (CAF) and Coalition Against Freeway Extensions (CAFE) history, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional photos or stories.

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