VicRoads finds West Gate Bridge lacks strength to carry heaviest trucks

A VicRoads restriction means the biggest B-double heavy vehicles must use Melbourne's inner-city roads to move goods in and out of the port.

Infrastructure Australia & the East West Link zombie

Spend more, waste more. Australia’s roads in 2014: moving beyond gambling (July 2014)

Spend more, waste more. Australia’s roads in 2014: moving beyond gambling (July 2014)

The Age: East West Link remains a ‘high priority’, says infrastructure umpire

The East West Link has been singled out as a top priority by Australia’s infrastructure umpire, bringing into question a decision by the Andrews government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars axing the contract for the road.

A landmark report by Infrastructure Australia has warned the road link – joining the Eastern Freeway to the Tullamarine Freeway – will be needed in the near future to avoid crippling congestion.

The East West Link zombie has again raised it’s unwelcome presence in a “landmark report” from Infrastructure Australia. Bear in mind, this is IA headed up by Mark Birrell, who is likely a hand-picked LNP placement after Michael Deegan was apparently sent on extended leave in early 2014 by the incoming Coalition government.

Prior to Mr Birrell, in 2014, acting IA head, Mark Fitzgerald tried to withdraw a IA report entitled “Spend more, waste more. Australia’s roads in 2014: moving beyond gambling”

As noted in the media at the time “it’s not often you read a government report with the word “hideously” in it”

Luckily we got a copy, it’s worth reading in context of the last two years and continued push for bullshit projects such as Perth Freight Link and WestConnex. The current integrity of Infrastructure Australia must be questioned in the light of highly politicised processes surrounding these three megaprojects. Continue Reading…

Andrews sold a pup

YCAT Editorial

There are still people who think the solution to congestion is more traffic.


The government announced its intention to proceed with an unsolicited bid from Transurban to fatten up the freeways feeding into highly profitable toll roads. Transurban paid just $3 million tax after collecting $1 billion in tolls.

Transurban has been calling the shots on Melbourne’s transport strategy for a long time. This is a very opportunistic way to transfer even more wealth from western suburbs dwellers to the multinational conglomerate.

A proposal without any provision for buses should be condemned.

Transurban has consistently blocked the provision of dedicated bus lanes on assets that it controls. The fear is that when toll-paying motorists stuck in a traffic see a bus zipping past them in a clear lane,  they may change their behaviour. This is not in the interests of their shareholders, despite being in the public interest.

A dedicated bus lane on the Tullamarine toll road would make Skybus a both faster and more reliable alternative. This would cost to the public very little, especially in comparison to an Airport Rail. While trains are preferred for moving large numbers of people into the CBD, buses come into their own in less concentrated suburbs. Congestion issues in the dispersed Western suburbs’ could be significantly aleviated by dedicated bus lanes and a serious provison of bus services along main arterials and toll roads. A bus that gets stuck in the same traffic jam is not an attractive proposition for anyone. Continue Reading…

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