CTAG Media Release: Community Says No Deal To Brumby’s Road Priorities

Coalition Of Transport Action Groups (CTAG) Media Release 1 December 2008 – Community Says No Deal To Brumby’s Road Priorities

It is expected that, in the coming week, the State Government will announce its long awaited super size transport plan for Melbourne. Our media sources and a number of strategic government leaks indicate thatthe road projects expected to be announced include:

  • The Ring Road “missing link” via the Heidelberg/Banyule flats into the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen
  • The controversial Eddington East – West road tunnels
  • The elevated roadways/tollways in the western suburbs
  • The Frankston Bypass/Toll Road

The Brumby Government is simply not listening to public opinion! An Age/Nielsen poll released on 25 November 2008 found that almost two thirds of Victorians are unhappy with the State Government’ handling of public transport and an equal number say that public transport should be given priority over roads. At a time, when there is a groundswell of community dissent, the state government continues to preference new roads, freeways, tolls and tunnels through inner Melbourne and the western suburbs over sustainable public and rail freight transport.

The Coalition of Transport Action Groups (CTAG) is committed to an alternative vision of an ecologically sustainable public and rail freight transport network across Melbourne.

“CTAG members are united in their advocacy for sustainable, equitable and accessible public and rail freight transport and oppose the recommendations in the Eddington Report for the construction of new freeways, road tunnels and elevated tollways in Melbourne.” (Freda Watkins, Chair Coalition of Transport Action Groups)

Julianne Bell Convenor of the Royal Park Protection Group Inc. (a CTAG member) points out that: “The broad coalition of CTAG groups is very much encouraged by the formation of the ‘Sustainable Melbourne Alliance for Transport and Urbanism’ initiated by eminent academics and leaders in urban design which also includes a range of transport action groups in its membership. The Alliance’s first meeting will be held this week and will be responding to Premier Brumby’s Transport Plan when launched.”

CTAG is waiting and watching for the launch of Premier Brumby’s Transport Plan and we will
be ready to respond to the document as soon as it is launched.

We are not confident that the Brumby Government will reverse Victoria’s dependence on road transport and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions or that they perceive transport to be a climate change issue. According to Professor Peter Newman of Murdoch University WA, Melburnians have the dubious honour of chewing up more road space and generating more emissions per capita than Londoners (Age Kenneth Davidson 5 May 2008.)

Listen To The People Mr Brumby – Victoria Can Do Better!
Media Contacts: CTAG Chair Freda Watkin, 0403 526 342
Julianne Bell (RPPG) on 0408 022 408
Clare O’Sullivan, 0401 218 459