Sovereign Risky Business

The Canberra Times: Canberra’s $780m light rail line gets final go ahead, business case to be released. September 15, 2014, Tom McIlroy and Kirsten Lawson

Liberal leader of the ACT opposition, Jeremy Hanson introduced a note of uncertainty over the Canderra light rail project, warning companies that the Liberals would scrap it if they won government in 2016.

“What I’d say to any company that is considering getting involved in light rail is they need to consider that if the people of the ACT at the 2016 election reject this government then they have rejected light rail and we will not be in a position where we’re going to proceed with an infrastructure project that has been rejected by this community,” he said.

He called on the government not to lock the project in by signing contracts before the election.

If this is a government that is simply going to try and sign contracts to lock this community in before the next election then that is a bastard act of politics. It is unfair on the people of Canberra for this government to impose $800 million of their money on a project that Canberrans don’t need and simply can’t afford.”

Thank you Mr Hanson, we couldn’t have put it more lucidly.