YCAT Rally at Smith Reserve

Yarra Campaign Against the Tunnel - Rally at Smiths Reserve

Well done to everyone who braved yesterdays weather and attended the first YCAT Community day!

If you have a report, additional media or photos, please feel free to contact YCAT or discuss our first rally on the YCAT email list. More updates soon.

Extract from The Age: Cross-city rail tunnel likely (28th July, 2008)

At a rally of about 200 people in drizzling rain in Fitzroy yesterday, Local Government Minister Richard Wynne, whose Richmond seat covers one end of what would be a new $9 billion road tunnel, has urged anti-tunnel protesters to push for public transport solutions.

Mr Wynne gave a carefully worded three-minute address, referring protesters to his submission to the report by Sir Rod, which recommends the tunnel.

“From a social justice point of view, this is a unique opportunity to use Eddington to get outcomes more broadly in terms of public transport. We should not miss that opportunity,” Mr Wynne told the crowd.

4 thoughts on “YCAT Rally at Smith Reserve”

  1. fitzroyalty says:

    It was a good event that gave some hope amid the cynicism about politics and public transport policy. The Fitzroyalty post about the rally is here: http://indolentdandy.net/fitzroyalty/2008/07/29/strong-attendance-at-ycat-rally/

  2. Tony Lee says:

    Can you elaborate on the following:
    What is the estimated number of vehicles using Cemetery Road per working day (one direction)?
    Was this estimate obtained before or after the opening of Eastlink?
    What provisions of public transport does your coalition propose to reduce this number?
    Thank you
    Tony Lee

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